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    Hi, I'm Barb Bland and for me and most of my friends we adopt our fur babies.

    Knowing you have saved a pet and given it a fresh start or a second chance in life is the best feeling in the world. There are so many good animals out there waiting for a fur ever home and then there are the not so lucky ones who never get to know what love is. We can't save them all but if adopting one or two helps then hell yes I'm in!

    When you do decide to adopt make sure you can afford a pet and will have the time it takes for proper training,exercise, play time and of course lots cuddle time!

    Pick out the right dog that is going to fit into your "pack" and remember....YOU ARE THE ALFA DOG!  You will be the one who your dog looks up to and listens to and will respect.

    Check out your local shelters and rescues.

    Decide if you want a puppy or a little older dog and remember they grow up and some puppies grow into big dogs!

    Choose the right dog for your life style. Some shelters and most rescues seem a bit high on the price of their dogs but don't forget most of them are spayed or neutered, given their first and or second rounds of vaccines and any other medications they need. When you do find one or two that your interested in, fill out the adoption form truthfully and wait a few days until they get back with you. Some of your local shelters will do same day adoptions.

    Dont get discouraged if the pup you want gets adopted by someone else, it just means that it wasn't meant to be that pup and there will be another one that was meant for you!

    When you do find the one, spend about a half an hour with it to make sure you all get along together and if you already have a dog take them along too so they can meet on common grounds.

    Good luck on your search and God Bless!

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    Spring K9 Activities

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    Summer K9 Activities

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    Fall K9 Activities

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    Winter K9 Activities

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    K9 Disipline Methods

    Barb and I have had serveral K9's through the years some started from puppy and a few have came to us through adoption with various past histories requiring some retraining. We have found the use of leash paired with an E-collar is most usefull especially if off leash training is your objective, we use SportDog.

    How well does your dog listen to the basic commands SIT, STAY, DOWN, COME, OFF, HEEL, and NO? How well they listen could be a matter of life & death depending on the situation...

    K9 Health

    Depending on where you live the health of your K9 could be simple or as complex to needing survival skills either way being informed is most important and hopefully we can help add to your knowledge.

    Giving first aid to your K9 can be very important and know what to do right off the bat is very important.

    Check out or K9 First Aid Page but if it's an emergency you should call your local Animal ER