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    Boaz originally named Elvis is a puppy we rescued from  "The Defenders of Animal Rights" located at 14412 Old York Rd, Phoenix, MD 21131 (410) 527-1466


     I originally was there to look at another dog but felt for our situation our dog needed a puppy to help raise rather then an older dog as he was in mourning from the passing of his buddy Duke who recently was euthanized due to Cancer.


     I noticed there were some puppies when I was there the first time, was not sure if a Terrier mix would be a good fit. After careful consideration of my experience & skills I felt that my work raising Rottweiler’s should enable me to handle any breed and felt that this dog would serve a few purposes as well as being a new companion for Dewey.


    I took Dewey along with me to interview the puppy to see if Dewey had any reservations.


    This picture was taken February 18,2015 while I was there to look at a 1 year old Rottweiler Labrador mix and for some reason I was attracted to him and he was attracted to me




    February 18, 2015 3:45pm


    First picture with mama




February 19, 2015


Boaz Training begins with house breaking.


He only ate about 1/8 of a cup of food and couldn't finish that.


His concern through the day was to play with Dewey as he just completely loves him and Dewey loves him as well what a great match :) :) Even Ruthie got out of bed early and when I asked he why she was up so early she said without hesitation "I want to see the puppy"


Had to crazy glue my first puppy bite but was my fault as I put my hand in his mouth while he was chewing,yep I'm an idiot :) lol


    February 20, 2015


    The boys resting after a long morning of bonding, although there is still an odor of Duke being in the house and we miss him very much Dewey is not as depressed and I'm sure if there is a doggie heaven Duke is smiling down on Dewey for being such a great big Brother from the beginning.




    February 20, 2015 2:46pm


    Stretch out and enjoying his first day on a warm porch as it has been extremely cold like in the single digits.




    February 21, 2015 4:38pm


    The first Snow




    February 28, 2015


    Some bonding time





    March 6, 2015


    Some Sled riding


3/15/2015, 11:53 PM



The day was an interesting day, this was his first day with visitors as mom & Brian came up for the day


The greeting was chaotic but he settled down fast. He was fed with mom & Brian in the room and did well and was allow to eat once he was calm.


We took them for a walk so that he could relieve himself  in which he did. We brought him back to the house and left within 15 minutes. Mr. Ed indicated that he pooped in the house just as we pulled out of the driveway and he peed a little later (don't know if it was because they were distracted from their activities etc…


Getting home he was excited and jumping on all of us (this will get better)


He ate dinner with Barb feeding them he did great and was calm as he was made to wait and the she gave him the direction to eat.


He went back outside immediately after eating and peed & Pooped.


The dogs played for a while and took a nap while we talked on the back porch.


As mom & Brian we about to leave we went in the living room to talk with them for a while and the dogs had another play session.


When Barb and I went to bed it was the first time he was made to lay in a certain area of the floor. It took a little bit to get him to submit and understand that he was not allow on the bed nor was he allow to just roam the bedroom, took about 20 minutes of reinforcement and he was good to go.


Went out again around 9:30 to relieve himself again and did 1&2, then went back to bed on his own, he got to sleep in the bed.


3/17/2015, 10:17 PM


Interesting day with Boaz today as today was his first full day of work, meaning we went on a hike to start the day off, had a brief rest and then out to the yard for chores and then for his first ride in the truck being in the back.


The hike this morning strted with a low flying helicopter heading to the National Guard Center and it scared him. I didn’t react other than looking at it as it approached and went by as I love see anything that fly so I'm always looking but it made him uneasy I didn't focus on his energy so not to give it any validity. Once we got in the woods I picked him up, gave him some loving and then we continued the walk without incidence.


When we got back home he rsted for a short period then out to do yard work. He struggled to stay outside as he wanted to be in the house taking a nap. We wnet inside for luch and for a longer rest and then out for more work which involved the leaf blower which he doesn’t like so I allow him to stay in as he's had neough noisy input for the day. He did want to go in for a nap but I kept him in the moment by doing different activities and changing them fequesntly kind of like a person with ADHD :) anyway we stopped work when our neighbor Kenny came up for a few minutes as he normally stops up for a conversation.


When Barb got home they were made to wait until she gets in the house and then were allow to greet her and that went well. She fed the dogs and they did good waiting for their food. She then took them for a wlka as we were getting ready to leave for an event at the lodge. Her walk didn’t go well as he didn't listen and although taking care of business he pretty much ran the hke trail to get back hom to get to me and when he came in the house he searched for me like he hasn’t seen me for weeks. Barb and I talked about her helping his detachment issues by more or less being the pack leader at night and I would be submissive and give her the room to enforce she is the boss. I'm excited to see this transition and we'll be using methods Cesar Millan uses.


Went took Dewey and Boaz for his first road trip in the nack of the truck, we put the dog beds in the back with some toys and headed up the road. Barb was the pack leader on this go. He got to meet new people and did great he seemed to love Greg's daughter and he also got to meet Dave Beaver and the dogs liked him but that is another test I use on people. They handled the ride and the wait while we were in at the dinner great. I am so proud of his time spent without any humans. It's really cool to see the growth of his character.


All of these things would not be possible without his awesome big Brother Dewey as he really helps let Boaz know everything is ok when he is unsure. Dewey amazes me every day letting his natural abilities show trough as Dog pack leader.


When  we got home he was ready to crash, he had a busy day but tomorrow will be even busier.



    March 19, 2015


    After Barb having problems due to Boaz's detachment anxiety with me we decided to make sure he knew she was pack leader by having me shadow the walk. On this walk I didn’t give any orders the dogs and made no eye contact with them even when Boaz was eventually allow to free range and came running back I didn’t look at him and allow Barb to reel him back in and continue the walk.


    Knowing the walk trail I knew there would be opportunity for me to take some short cuts which would divert his attention from Barb which would help her have a reason to reel him back in. Sure enough as soon as he lost sight of me he put his nose on the ground and sniffed me out; when he found me I didn’t make visual contactor verbal but rather let Barb do her work bringing him back to her, in which she did.


    All in all I would say the walk was a success and Barb gained creditability in the pack :)



    3/20/2015, 9:16 PM


    The day was a normal day for whatever normal is with the only exception it was snowy for the first day of spring and the walk had many distractions but it all went well.


    The big part of the day was Barb was going to her role as pack leader; so when she got home I virtually would relinquish my role as pack leader and she would pick it up.


    When Barb got home short of the normal excitement at the door she came in relaxed & loved on the dogs for a while, then fed them in a controlled manner making the calmest dogs eat first (which is normally Dewey) and then let Boaz eat when he was calm and then invited to eat.


    She prepared for her walk; she didn't get far before Boaz was really wanting to know where I was and kept looking back. Barb would stop in an attempt to get his attention before continuing. Since I was already dressed for outside weather I went out to join her so I could help give her some help from a distance by shadowing her from further back then yesterday.


    She gained control enough for her to keep him moving but his mind was not focused on her but rather getting back to me but she kept moving forward and even didn't know he was trying to poop but I yelled and she let him finish :) it was kind of funny.


    She then headed for the trail giving verbal commands keeping his mind focused on her & the walk, I was far behind kind of in a stalking mode eventually Boaz caught a whiff of men and put his nose on the ground and found me. I didn't reward him for the find and let Barb bring him back to her control in which she did :) she finished the walk with minor difficulties but all in all was good for her.


    After getting back home I decided to get in the shower, there was some confusion about who had control of him and for a short time although there were people around him he was technically under his own control and chewed through a electrical cord that was not plugged in. After getting out of the shower, I asked my father in law where he got the cord from that was in his mouth, he was reading a book and not paying any attention so at that point I told Barb until Boaz could be trusted he will be with me, her or us. This is for his protection as this could have caused serious if not fatal injuries to him.





3/21/2015, 9:29 PM


Today Barb started off as Pack leader, feeding them in the standard waiting manor, taking him for a walk etc…


The walk was supported by me stalking for support and to challenge her ability to control him, she did an awesome job off the lease with verbal control. On the return Boaz caught a whiff of me and tracked me down he has an awesome nose and we will work with that as he matures.


Once we separated ways and I was on one side of the field Boaz decided he wanted to come to me, I didn’t make any verbal or visual contact with him and Barb was able to get him to heel and gain control over him. She did an awesome job of maintaining her composure even though he lost focus of who the leader was.


We went to the pet store and that was a interesting experience as he became excited and started barking we took several time outs so that he could regain focus when I noticed that his collar was providing nor help for keeping his mind on the talk at hand so while we were there we got him a choker collar, I took control of him and almost immediately he was a different dog, I though it was a little early but I think now I should have don it earlier.


I took him on the evening walk after Barb fed in the normal manner and the choker again was the answer for his ADHD (just joking lol)


The rest of the night was peaceful as the boy were all worn out from riding and being worked, it was a great day.




About 1:30am Boaz wanted to go out to pee & poop, when we went outside the foxes were out there screaming and it scared him so he wouldn’t poop. I eventually let him back in the house and he ran into the living room where he immediately pooped in front of the bathroom door. I watch him and when he was finished he looked at me and started running around the living room like he was running from me but I didn't say a word, I picked up the poop and picked him up went outside and tossed in the poop pile and walked back in the house. He knew what he did was wrong so the training is sinking in, maybe soon he'll be house broken but he was afraid of the foxes and I can understand.


Dewey and Boaz had a long day when it officially started 5:50am.


We started off eating early and then heading out for church as I had parking duty and Barb had Coffee duty.


When we got to church I dropped Barb off and then I took them for a walk where Boaz relieved himself, since it was cold and windy I put them back in the truck and tried to settle them down. Of course Dewey laid down but Boaz wanted nothing to do with being in the back of the truck so after working with him for a few minutes I was able to get him to settle down and to rush to shut the window as he was still trying to get out. I walked away to get the back lot set up and head him bark a few times but he settled down. Later I introduced him to Mike one of the men on the parking team and he went crazy again trying to get out of the truck, I got him back in again and went to start my shift at the street crossing. Barb finished her shift and went to take the dogs for a walk, when I asked her how it went it seemed she had the same difficulty. We finished church and my obligation for the parking teams and introduced him to another member and had the same issues afterwards.


We took the dogs home fed Boaz lunch and got ready to head to moms when loading Dewey Boaz figured he was next and would not come near the truck I had to get him near the door and then put him in the truck with the tail gate already up. I tried to get his mind relaxed but no luck so we just left.


It was interesting when we got to moms as Goldie didn’t want anything to do with him. When we contained the puppy she would want to play with Dewey but as soon as we let him down on the ground she would retreat. After the dogs were worn out and taking a nap she would occasionally wake up to see where he was and then go back to sleep. Boaz was constantly trying to engage Goldie and when she did let him close as I was holding her, he tried to hump her. His attempts to engage her was playful, Dewey and him eventually started rough housing on the ground but Goldie only wanted to be a spectator.


We brought the dogs home fed them I took them for a walk while Barb made dinner and we crashed out.


It was a good day filled with some new things


3/24/2015, 11:33 PM


After having a perfect day yesterday Boaz started the day off by pooping in the house :( after that he took a nap for about an hour and then as it warmed up we went for our morning walk. It seemed he had more energy than normal so I extended the walk, after seeing a large barb owl and a hawk I put him back on the lead for his safety and he didn’t like that but he eventually settled in and on the last half of the walk I let him free range again. When he got back to the house he was wound up so he and Dewey rough housed for a while but when he was ready to take a nap I was ready to hit the road and run errands. He did better in the truck as he went of 4 separate trips so we may be over coming the fear of the truck "we hope" He did well with mama on the walk and didn't have anymore accidents in the house.




House training for Boaz was perfect not a single accident :)



    3/26/2015, 1:24 PM





    3/26/2015, 1:55 PM


    The day was off to a good start. We took a little different course for our walk this morning as Boaz seemed to have a little too much energy so it was extended by about a half of a mile. Since it was a little misty with passing light rain showers. Boaz, although energetic at the beginning was more calm but didn't care for the drizzling rain.


    After the walk he still had some residual energy which Dewey engaged the de-energizing process (roughhousing).


    Boaz Peed in the house today breaking his one day streak in the area of house training.


    We did a little trick training like giving his paw and rolling over, Barb had him jump in the pool to retrieve a stick since it was 65 degrees. I had to go to an evening meeting so Barb was pack leader for the rest of the evening.


    At bed time they had to start on the floor, it took a while for Boaz to get to a clam state as he wanted to get on the bed but such would not be the case. After they were sleeping for several hours they were invited to be on the bed in which they humbly obliged our invitation.




3/27/2015, 9:45 PM


This mornings walk was doubled up since yesterday Boaz seemed to have some extra energy so we did the circuit twice, this is what he needed


Good day in the house training area.


Barb took the pack leader role when she got home and did a great job. After diner knowing we were going to run some errands she took him for a short walk as it helps insure he relieves himself. Her report was good but she did have some issues in the beginning as he kept looking back but she reeled him in and got him focused.


They (Dewey & Boaz) went on two rides today, the first had three stop and the second had two with a trip thru Wendy's drive thru to get a frosty for Barb & I. He has made improvement but still didn’t want to get in the truck but once he was in he was more calm but not completely like Dewey. In time he will adjust he just needs more repetitions.


Boaz weighed in at 22 lbs. today.


    Boaz Commands


  1. Sit
    1. Is used in a variety of body positions such as:
      1. Standing position
      2. Laying position
      3. When he is ordered to heel and the pack leader is standing still.
  2. Stay
    1. Is used in a variety of position and situations
      1. Sitting Position
      2. Standing Position
      3. Laying Position
      4. From a distance and they are ordered to stop, once stopped the stay command is issued
        1. There are several ways to release them from the stay command like using
          1. Come
          2. Heel
  3. Lay
    1. Is used in a variety of body positions
      1. Sitting Position
      2. Standing Position
  4. Up
  5. Down
  6. Come
  7. Roll Over
  8. Right Paw
  9. Left Paw
  10. Heel
  11. Drop it
  12. No
  13. Eat
  14. Back
  15. Stop



3/28/2015, 10:20 PM


Today was a lazy day, Barb was Pack Leader for the large potion of the day. We went to but a new piece of furniture so instead of putting the dogs in the back of the truck we but them in the back seat of the truck so we could put furniture in that back, Boaz would up getting sick on the way to get the furniture and then got sick after we were coming back from picking up some stuff from Richardson's Produce but he's never been sick in the back of the  truck so I'm not sure if was from that it was warm in the cab of the truck with minimal air flow or that since the windows are basically blacked out maybe he got some motion sickness, only time will tell on this one.


We took the dogs for a walk after they ate diner. This time Boaz was with Barb and Dewey was with me. This was a new configuration and I think Boaz didn't handle it well but she was his pack leader. Barb had some problems controlling him free range and had to put him  back on the leash several times and bribe him with treats. She went through a few cycles of getting him to come, sit and stay while she would walk away with some good results. We need to work more with this as he certainly thinks he is able to make his own decisions. Even though he is 12 weeks old we may start to consider an E collar.


The rest of the night was peaceful and calm.


He pooped in the house once so he broke his streak of one day.


Training Collars $195 500 yard range 179.99 $150 300 yards rechargeable $229


    Things I would like to teach Boaz.


    Service dog traits like:

  1. Picking up things from the floor and bringing to Roy & Ruth
  2. Turning lights on
  3. Go to Kenny & Marries house and bring the news paper back up.

    As well as normal and even some abnormal tricks like playing dead etc...



3/29/2015, 8:18 PM


Today was a good day, although we had church @ 11am we still went on our walk which paid off as we were taking the boys with us today and since after church we were going to head to PetSmart to exchange a reel leash that I didn't care for and wanted to get the "Great Choice" brand.


Boaz didn't want to initially get in the truck but once in he settled down fast and handled the ride great. We parked where the sun would keep them warn while we were our service.
When we came out about 1 1/2  later they were doing well and Boaz was not as excited, he did however have a #1 accident but no big deal that's what the truck is for. He calmed down fast after we greeted them and off to PetSmart we went.


Once we were in the store Boaz performed wonderfully, he didn’t do any barking and did well on the leash. When we went to check out the guy at the register was saying that he hasn’t had any dogs come through his lane, I asked "what about our dogs?" he looked me and said you have dogs with a blank look on his face. The boys were being so well behaved that they were barely noticeable and I took his comment as  a compliment as all the dogs that had went though the other lane while we were there were being let long on their leash, leading their pack leader (if you can call them that) barking etc… it made me feel very accomplished after hear that .


Barb took them for their walk this evening by herself while I prepared diner. She was happy with his conduct on the walk and only took exception to one instance where he wouldn’t listen but she corrected him and the rest of the walk went well.


They had to burn off extra energy once they were back so Dewey & Boaz played in the yard for a while before settling down to chew bones, we'll have to think of other ways to burn off additional energy Boaz has like playing ball etc…


He's did good on house training with no accidents other than the truck which doesn’t count.



    3/30/2015, 9:44 PM

    Today was a great day for Dewey and Boaz. I know I've said this on this blog in the past but I don’t know what we would do without Dewey being such a great example.


    We got a little bit of a late start for our walk this morning as I was trying to get some work done before we headed out when personal business require my immediate attention giving me a schedule set back to start the day.


    Dewey played with Boaz helping me extend the time normally set aside for our beginning of the day walk, and even after we got the walk started it was interrupted by business & personal calls inhibiting my normal time to test obedience, mainly Boaz's.


    Once we got our walk done, I got back to work before we had to leave for my first appointment which was in the Bowley's Quarter area, which would be a good ride for them. Once we got to the marina I didn't expect a new challenge to pop up but since most if not all of the yachts were dry docked with a large community of sailing yachts. The challenge was that the wind blowing through all the masts of the sailing yachts made for a constant moaning sound which he has never heard. Dewey seen it didn’t bother me so he laid down and I was able to Boaz to do the same. I didn’t hear anything from the dogs while I was working around the marina looking at repair work.


    On the way back I stopped for lunch with my old friend Doobie and the parking lot was very busy and again no problems with the boys, before Doobie and I parted ways he stopped by the truck to say hello to the boys.


    We got home shortly before Barb got home and after a little doggie nap they were fed and off to be walk the normal course. Barb was preparing dinner so she didn't take her active role as pack leader but we'll get back on that tomorrow.


    Today was human gym day so they got to go for an extra ride and when we were finished they got some treats and back home we went.


    Boaz is celebrating a 2 day streak of not having any accidents in the house.


    Below is a little nap time bonding.





3/31/2015, 11:52 PM


It was an average day for Boaz as he


Today made day 3 of no potty accidents in the house.


4/1/2015, 11:52 PM


Day 4 no potty accidents in the house


It was a very active day.


We did about 3 miles in walks through the trails they also got plenty of rest in between.


They went for a ride in which I stopped by Wendy's to get them a frosty, Dewey & Boaz shared according to their proportion of weight meaning Boaz got less then Dewey but since it was his first time getting such a treat he didn't mind.


Short of that the day was relatively normal.


4/2/2015, 10:17 PM


Day 5 no potty accidents in the house :) :) :) :) :) :)


We started our day as normal with a long morning walk, near the end of the walk I spotted an Eagle circling above us, just to be safe I put Boaz back on the lead. The Eagle circled 2 more times and then went to the farm next door Boaz is still no big enough to defend himself against an Eagle so better safe than sorry.


He had an active day following me around while I was working in the garage and cleaning dog hair out of the truck. While doing that our neighbor girl Ashley & her friend Lexi  came by with Ashley's dog Daisy and boy did Boaz turn on the charm for the girls. He was all over them submissively rolling on his back for belly rub and loving up on Daisy. Dewey was calmly watching to make sure Boaz wouldn't get hurt or that he didn’t get out of control himself.


After they left and I was cleaned up in the garage we did some work making him more comfortable in the back of the truck. I put Dewey in the back and he just laid down on the blanket, soon after Boaz wanted up. I put him in and sat on the tail gate asking him to go through obedience commands and he just settled in eventually getting tired and taking a nap while I surfed the net for work stuff. When Barb got home he was still ok with staying in the back, we'll see tomorrow when I have to go to Joppa Town on how this time worked out.


Barb took over as pack leader for their evening walk, I was beside Barb and it seemed to confuse them on who the pack leader was so eventually I laid back to give her a good control buffer which helped.


The old training collar we have is only working about 40% of the time, we will soon be getting a more updated version that will be more reliable.


Barb finished the day with some play time and then bed time. All in all it was a good day.


4/3/2015, 7:36 PM


Boaz weighed in a 23.6 lbs today.


It was a fairly normal day with the exception our morning walk was a little wet as there were scattered rain showers.


Boaz was on his best behavior, he responded almost immediately to verbal commands and was practically perfect on the leash.


He took a few more rides in the truck today and short of a little anxiety of being left in the truck with Dewey while he watched me walk into a store or restaurant  he was good.


We chalk up day 6 of no potty accidents in the house today.


We are trying to teach him to give us his paw which he kind of already knows a little bit with the twist of having him distinguish between Right & Left paw we'll see in the coming days on how well he pickup on this . I'm confident he will.


Barb worked on some tricks with him today and he did well with her being pack leader with a little trouble once he got back home and wouldn't come to Barb as he was telling her that he wanted to listen to me even though I would not make eye or physical contact with him. She did regain control but it took some effort.


4/4/2015, 10:31 PM


We started the day with pack leader Barb.


She took them for a walk that was approximately 2 miles while I was out taking care of business, she had no complaints about their/his performance.


Since I was up late working the night before I decided to take a nap and the dogs came with me, while I was sleeping Boaz went down stairs to ask Barb to let him out to pee but she was in the shower and didn’t take the hint he was asking to go out so he peed in the living room. I'm not going to count this against his record as he asked but we didn’t respond so we are on a 7th day.


They ate lunch and had a lazy day until it was time to head to church as we had a evening Easter service. The dogs handled themselves great. When we came home they played a little and it was bed time.




4/5/2015, 10:40 PM


The day started off as most days by getting up eating and heading out for a walk. Since we were going to church we couldn't take a long walk so we came home and got ready for church. Boaz seemed reluctant to get in the truck so it took a little time but he eventually was ready to go.


Day 8 of accident free potty training.




4/6/2015, 5:41 PM


Started the day off with a 2 mile hike and a truck ride to my mason lodge to look at some flashing damage and then rewarded the boys with a frosty from Wendy's


Boaz ended his 8 day streak of no potty accidents by pooping in the puzzle room :(




4/7/2015, 11:42 PM


Boaz Peed in the living room today after being introduced to the front porch, after coming in I didn’t give him an opportunity to go out back and relieve himself.


He went to his first vet appointment, with good remarks. Got a few shots and away we went.


Did morning and afternoon walks.


Found that he chewed Barbs computer cable.



5/28/2015, 10:01 PM


A lot has been going on and it's been a long time since I really updated but Boaz is growing like a weed.


He's been house broke for a couple of months, we have started him on off leash training & is doing well.


We walk every day at least once but generally once in the morning and once in the evening.


Today he stole raw food from the table, we will correct this behavior.


Will post some pictures later on.



5/21/2015, 7:55 PM

35.6 lbs



5/27/2015, 11:00am

Lost his last K-9 tooth


7/6/2015, 10:11 PM


46.8 lbs


8/8/2015, 5:22 PM





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