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Jachin is the newest addition to the Bland pack of K9's.

He was born on February 19, 2020 in Somewhere, Alabama and was rescued as mother was more or less wild / stray, vetted and shipped to Delaware where we adopted him and now lives in Maryland with his pack leaders Boaz & Roxie.

His weight was 15lbs.

His first few moments were exhausting calmly watching Barb & I consume a few burritos before taking to his new forever home to his brother and sister.

His home life started off with an introduction to his new pack leader.

Day One started off with breakfast and his first walk on a leash.

Day Two and Three were spent leash walking getting use to people and finding his place in the pack. Barb is his favorite human at the moment so we're practicing away time to keep from detachment anxiety which is working well but we found the hound. howl, which is cute at the moment. Boaz stepped up as pack leader and head teacher. Roxie is making him work for respect and is not being a push over about it.

Day four, more leash walking, detachment from Barb, even though 10 minutes isn't that long in our time it can seem long for a puppy in a new home but is as important as the ability for his dog mom and dad to be able to get away to take care of adult business. He's smart and picks things up well. He's got porch life down.

Friday 5.22.20 his weight is 19.2 lbs He got his harness this week so some of his misconceived "I'm Free!" moment don't end with an abrupt jerk on his spine. Have the expectation of any real training is slim as for right now he is being exposed to his new permanent environment. Just like a baby when he becomes familiar there will be less distractions but there are a few things that have to be accomplished. Rules to live bye are an important part of every creatures daily functionality; even with babies it's important to have ground rules other than being cute gives them permission to do what they want... Potty training is going well he's had some minor accidents partially due to our lack of understanding what he was trying to tell us (he's training us as well) but we're getting to know his mannerisms and life goes on.

Friday 5.29.20 his weight is 22.4, this week was a big week for him as he's been leach walked ever day. Since the walk is about thirty minutes we break the training down into three or four segments each only a few minute long. I feel it's important to let him observe what the senior pack makes are doing while not getting into the dangers of being involved in a skirmish should they come across vermin; not to mention with having Eagles, Hawks and Falcons in the area should he get too far away there's always the chance he may fall prey...

I'm happy with what he's absorbed so far he has showed potential for being an obedient companion with a few character cheviots, the biggest being his genetics. He's mixed with other genetic but the most predominate seems to be Labrador with a strong second being Bloodhound as recently a ground hog jumped out in front of the pack and needless to say it didn't turn out well for the ground hog; Jachin wasn't involved as he was leashed but the others were a different story but Jachin did get the smell of blood in his nose and couldn't shake the thought and kept trying to get back to the crime scene. The next morning when everyone was getting their equipment on you could tell getting back to the spot was about the only thing on their mind especially Jachin, he pulled the entire time which inherit to bloodhounds. Once he smelled his way back to the spot and witnessed nothing was there he/they were more at ease.

One small health issue at the moment is he has an infection in his eye. It was slightly noticeable the night we picked him up as there was a slight amount of discharge coming from the left eye

June 7, 2020 Jachin weighs a whopping 24.2 lbs. his eating habits are good as he doesn't rush through his meal and some days picks a little. He's getting plenty of training time to burn up any extra energy. Barb has been fortunate enough to get some extra time to help train. His eye is looking a lot better and in a day or so I expect it to be completely healed but it took washing it out several times a day with stirle ionized wash and he was very tolerant each time.

Below is a rough progression:

In the first picture you can tell the infection is there and in the second picture you can see slightly worse and finally the third picture is just about as bad as it got. we didn't have access to drugs so the only treatment we was able to give was the flushing of the eye and cleaning with a soft cloth. Barb and I didn't take this lightly as we have delt with similar issues with our horse; if you ever want excitement try to clean a horses eye and then give medication in it , cleaning up a puppy become a breeze.


5.30.20 He weighed in at 22.4 lbs

6.13.20 Jachin has broke the 25 lbs. barrier and is growing quick. He is well adapted to his home and is now taking his training more seriously. His first vet appointment went well, his eye is almost completely healed. The focus now is for the command to become muscle memory in all situations.

6.27.20 Jachin has now doubled in size starting from the day we brought him home. He is 31.2 lbs. He has proven to be bull headed and doesn't mind pulling while on the leash so we've moved to using a chain; he still pulls but not as hard. We'll continue to to train this way until he becomes softer on the leash. I'm also using a heeling stick to help distract his focus on other things going on around him...

On 7.3.20 Jachin weighs in at 32.8

7.12.20 we started training with is Sport Dog collar, I found it takes them a while to identify with the tone but once they do it really help when they think that they are on their own... I've also starting using a lunging stick that we use on the horse when lunging as it helps to move attention, not to mention I like having a long walking stick so its been helping keep him in the heal position. The hound dog in him makes it difficult to call him off of something once he has the scent. He's coming along at this point.

7.16.20 weight is 35.2

7.17.20 picture of his teething process

7.19.20 weight is 37.6, he is loosing his puppy teeth as we noticed a small amount of blood on one of his toys. His getting to be a big boy.

7.27.20 weight is 39.6 and his last k9 tooth came out


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